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Sun. Jun 7th 2020
The HMVFA Convention slated to be held on July 16th has been cancelled due to COVID- 19. According to President Mark Dinkelacker, in speaking with the Presidents, Chair person of the Convention Commit...

1. To render assistance to the Hudson Mohawk VFA at such times as needed or requested.

2. To promote a more friendly feeling among wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, and widows of members of the HMVFLA and welcome members of all member auxiliaries in the counties covered by this association.

3. To be a patroness of the Firemen's Home in Hudson, NY. To visit this home and donate towards its welfare as may be within our means at least once a year.

4. To assist in securing legislation beneficial for all volunteer firefighters by using our influence and political rights.

5. To learn about and promote fire prevention, that we may make our homes and community a safer place.

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